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What is the M8TCNZ?

We are some 210 members from all walks of life, from North and South Islands, as well as Australia and UK. We all have a passion for Morris 8 cars.

Morris 8s were produced between 1935 and 1948. They consist of 2 seater Sports, 4 seater Tourer, 2 and 4 door Sedans and also the custom built series Z vans and utes. Models are distinguished as Series I (1935 to 1937), Series II (1938-39) and Series E (1939 to 1948). Early Morris Minors have similar engines to the Series E.

What do we do?

The purpose of the Club is to facilitate the meeting and interaction of Members with interests in Morris 8s. This enables conversations about restoring, mechanical issues and similar as well as social interaction.

In Christchurch, Waikato, Hawkes Bay and Auckland (Morris Register), we have regular events organised by Members and welcome all Members to join in and meet with others. The Club produces a monthly Newsletter which records events and provides interesting and knowledgeable guidance on maintaining and restoring Morris 8 cars.

Annually there is a National Rally (organised between Christmas and New Year) where those gathered can share a week of daily outings, touring to places of interest and socialising. This is held on alternative Islands and at different locations.

Morris 8 Parts

The Club has an extensive Parts Stock – both new and used – to supply to Member’s needs. The Club can boast a large pool of knowledge which can be shared to those who have issues maintaining their Morris 8.

New Parts – these mainly comprise of mechanical parts for engine and drive train assemblies, electrical components, smaller fittings and rubber trimmings for body assembly.

Used Parts – these have been salvaged from cars which have ended their life but the parts are suitable for use in restoration – such things as motors, gearboxes, diffs, grills, panels, bumpers, axles, windows, door handles, trafficators and similar have been salvaged and are useful where Members need a replacement part or something for their restoration.

We only supply parts to M8TCNZ Members.
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